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 Farm Machinery & Hands Tools- Weeding  

Wheel Hand Hoe

It is manually operated walking type device and it can be used for various farm operations right from opening furrows for sowing seeds to intercultural and earthing up operations depending upon the type of attachment used. It requires more than 20 cm row-to-row spacing for easy operation. Draft requirement varies from 2.5 to 3.0 kgf and field capacity is about 0.03 to 0.05 ha/hr depending upon the attachments.

It saves 70-75% on labour and operating time and 80% on cost of operation and also results in 5-8% increase in yield compared to conventional method of weeding using Khurpi. It costs Rs. 500/- and cost of operation is Rs, 300-400/-ha.

  • Dimension (1xwxh), m    : 1.50x0.42x1.0
  • Weight, kg                     : 7
  • Field capacity, ha/day     : 0.32
  • Field efficiency, %          : 90
  • Weeding efficiency         : 75
  • Width of coverage, mm  : 300
  • Depth of tilling, mm       : 15-20
  • Labour requirement       : 20 man-hr/ha

Hand Weeders

Long handle weeders allow weeding operations without bending of the operator thus reducing drudgery to the operator and increase the capacity. These are Circular blade weeder (1), Garden rake (2), V blade multipurpose weeder (3), Grass slasher (4) and Long handle hand fork (5) costing Rs70/-, Rs 100/-, Rs 70/-, Rs 70/- and  Rs. 70/- respectively. With these implements, labour saving to the extent of 60-65% can be achieved over traditional methods.


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