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 Farm Machinery & Hands Tools- Sowing/Planting  

Naveen Dibbler

It is a manually operated dibbler suitable for wowing maize, pea, soybean, sorghum etc. in small plots or hilly terrains. It can also be used for gap filling. The planting operation is accomplished by pushing the jaw into the soil at desire depth and forward movement of the dibbler open the jaw to release seeds into the soils. It saves 35% labour and operating time and 36% on cost of operation compared to conventional method of hand dibbling behind the country plough. It costs Rs. 200/- and its cost of operation is Rs. 150/- ha as compared to Rs. 234/- ha by conventional method.

  • Dimension (1xwxh), m: 0.28x0.26x1.06

  • Weight, kg : 4

  • Powersource:One person

  • Seeding metering, ha/h : Cell type wodden roller (Single groove)

  • Depth of plcament, mm : 35

  • Field Capacity, ha/day: 0.25

  • Labour requirement: 39/h/ha


Rotary Dibbler

This dibbler is operated by pushing it manually into the soil in the direction of travel. The jaws enter into the soil and automatic dropping of seeds takes place. Well prepared seedbed is required for its operation. It is suitable for dibbling maize, soybean, sorghum, pigeon pea and Bengal gram crops. It saves 57% labour and operating time and 58% on cost of operation as compared to conventional method of hand dibbling behind country plough. It cost Rs 500/- and cost of operations Rs. 100/- ha compared to Rs. 234

  • Dimension, (1xwxh), m: 1.57x0.79x0.68

  • Weight, kg : 21.5

  • Seed metering device :Cell type wooden roller (six cells)

  • Depth of placement,mm: 20

  • Field Capacity,ha/day: 0.34

  • Labour requirement %: 27 man-h/ha


Bardoli Seed Drill & Metallic Tip Dibbler

Bardoli seed drill is manual device suitable for putting seeds and fertilizers under terraced land condition. Normal width of single furrow opener is 7.5 cm and manual hand pressure is used to get the desired depth. The field capacity is 0.4 ha/ day at 40 cm spacing and it costs Rs. 250/-.Metallic tip dibbler is used for dibbling maize and other bold seeds on hill slopes. It helps in getting better output per unit time as compared to local dibbling stick. Seeds can be sown up to 7 cm depth as compared to 3-4 cm by the wooden/nonmetallic tip dibbler. Its field capacity is about 0.10 ha/day at 40 cm row-to-row spacing and it costs Rs. 70/-

Adjustable Row Maker

It is suitable for marking rows at different spacing according to the crops to be sown. Sowing in rows facilitates intercultural operations like weeding, earthing, etc. easier and better. Row spacing can be adjusted 20 to 60 cm by sliding the tynes on a cross bar. The cost of implements is Rs. 350/-.

  • Dimension, (1xwxh), m   : 0.8x0.56x0.35

  • No. of row                      : 3

  • Depth of operation, mm  : 70

  • Draft, N                         : 45

  • Field Capacity, ha/day    :a) 1.50   at   600mm spacing, b) 0.50   at   200 mm spacing Laour requirement        :17 man-h/ha


Manually Operated Seed drill

It is suitable for sowing seeds in rows at desired seed rates for the crops of upland maize, paddy, mustard, linseed and groundnut etc. Its field capacity is 0.50 ha/h at 20 cm row spacing. It saves 50% cost of operation and results in 5% increase in yield compared to conventional method of sowing behind country plough. The cost of the implement is Rs. 1200/-.

  • Dimension (1xwxh), m: 1.27x1.0x0.52

  • Weight, kg                     : 9
  • Power source                 : two people
  • Labour requirement        : 35 man-h/ha
  • Hopper size, kg  : 2
  • Seed metering   : Fluted rolled with narrow flutes for mustard and discs with 6 slots of 5x8x20mm for maize.
  • Power transmission        : Through chain and sprocket from the ground wheel

CIAE Animal Drawn Planter

It is suitable for planting for maize, oilseeds and pulses. It saves 64% on cost of operation compared to other conventional method of sowing behind the country plough with manual dropping of seeds. It cost Rs. 5000/- and its cost of operation is Rs. 90/-.

  • Dimension, (1xwxh), m   : 4.2x1.3x0.9

  • Weight, kg                                 : 115

  • No. of rows                                : 3

  • Seed metering               : Inclined plate with cells.

  • Fertilizer metering           : Fluted roller.

  • Furrow opener               : Shoe type.

  • Depth of placement, mm : 100 (max)

  • Field Capacity                : 0.12-0.15 ha/hr.

  • Field efficiency               : 60-65%

  • Draft, N                         : 800-900

  • Power source                 : A pair of bullocks.

  • Labour requirement        : 7-8man-h/ha.


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