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 Farm Machinery & Hands Tools- Ploughing/Tillage  

Mould Board Plough

MB Plough is used for primary tillage operation. It helps to dig the soil and invert it for quick decaying of surface trash and stubbles. It has very less specific draft requirement as compared to the country plough. The draft requirement of the plough depends upon its width as well as depth of ploughing and accordingly can be pulled either by a pair of bullock or a single bullock. The 25 cm plough has been designed for hilly region as an improvement over indigenous plough. The depth of operation varies between 10-15 cm depending on soil condition. The ploughing efficiency and soil inversion percentage is 65.0% and 62.2% as compared to 55.6% and 38.7% in case of indigenous plough respectively. The field capacity is 0.25 ha/day and cost Rs. 1200/-.


Animal Drawn Light Ridger Plough

It is a light duty, double mould board  plough with reversible share suitable for ploughing and making ridges in light soils under hilly terrain. It has been found superior over local plough and larger area can be covered as compared to the conventional method of making ridges by spade.

  • Dimensions (1xwxh), m  : 1.95x0.20x0.77 (with beam)

  • Weight, kg   : 5.6 (without beam)

  • Power source : Single or a pair of bullocks

  • Width of cut, mm : 150

  • Depth of cut, mm  : 140

  • Field Capacity, ha/day : 0.25

  • Field efficiency, % : 65

  • Draft, N  : 450

  • Labour requirement  : 6 man-h/ha

  • Cost, Rs.  : 1000/-


Manual Tool Carrier

It is a multipurpose tool suitable for tillage, interculture and sowing operations for maize, rice and oilseed crops in light soils and hilly terrain. Different attachments like V-blade, straight blade, ridger, peg tooth hoe, seed and fertilizer drill, blade terracer can be mounted on the hitch bar for different operations. When the draft is high, an additional person can pull it from front. It saves 80% labour and operating time compared to conventional method of ploughing with country plough.

  • Weight, kg : 10 (without attachment 25 (with attachment).

  • Power Source : One or two persons

  • Seed metering : Fluted roller drive from     ground wheel.Field Capacity, ha/day: 0.64 for sowing maize

  • Field efficiency, % : 68

  • Labour requirement : 40 man



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