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 Farm Machinery & Hands Tools- Harvesting and Threshing  

Harvesting (Improved Sickle)

It is a serrated blade sickle suitable for cutting grasses and harvesting of different crops like maize, paddy, wheat etc. The wooden handle has a bend at the rear end for better grip and to avoid hand injury during use. The blade is of self-sharpening type i.e. when the teeth wear out; a simple grinding at the rear face enables exposures of new teeth. The average field capacity is 0.018 ha/ h and it saves 26% labour and operating time and 27% on cost of operation compared to harvesting with local sickle. It costs Rs. 30/- and cost of operation is Rs 600/- ha compared to Rs. 700/- ha by non-serrated type sickle.

  • Length of cutting edge, mm : 225
  • Weight, kg                      : 0.25
  • Radius of curvature, mm : 260
  • Labour requirement        : 80 man-ha/ha

Threshing (Maize Sheller)

It is a manually operated maize sheller suitable for shelling maize from dehusked cobs. Shelling is done by holding the sheller in one hand and gradually inserting the cob into the sheller by the other hand with forward and backward twist. It is available in two shapes viz. tubular and octagonal type. An average person can shell around 30 kg of grains per hour without any injury to palms as compared to only 10 to 12 kg per hour by the traditional method of shelling by hand. It is made up of MS sheet welded in the form a round shape or bended in octagonal shape inside which, four tapered fins are provided for shelling. It saves 66% labour and operating time and 70% on cost of operation compared to shelling by traditional method. The cost of a maize sheller is Rs. 40/-.

  • Dimensions, m: 64 (dia) x 72(length)

  • Size of fins (1xtxh), mm :58 x 1.00 x 10-18

  • Shelling efficiency, %: 100

  • Cleaning efficiency, %: 100


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