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 Sericulture - Silkworm Varieties/Variety of Fodders  

Silkworm varieties

1. Mulberry - Bobyx Mori L: Bobbyx Mori L is reared in different parts of East Khasi hills District. Being an indoor variety the worm is successfully cultivated in varied climatic zones of the district. It feeds on the mulberry plants which are found to be growing well in the climatic conditions of different parts of the district. (Local Name- Niang Rusom)

2. Muga - Antheraea assama: Antheraea assama variety is very recently introduced in the district. It is an outdoor worm. On a trial basis, farmers of Pynursla CD Block have cultivated this worm variety in the beginning of 2003. The results are encouraging. The warm climate of this CD Block, favours the growth of Sam and Saulu plants, which acts as fodders for the worms. (Local Name- Niang Muka)

Variety of Fodders

1. Mulberry: Feed on Mulbery plants (Morus alba L), Other common mulberry plants are-Ishino, Satin, Bola (pyllun), Malki, Mawlai, TR 10, BC 259, Jorhat Variety, S 1365 (6 to 9 are high yielding).

2. Muga - Feed on Sam and saulu plants: Machilus bombicina  King,  Litsaea polyantha A. Juss, Litsaea citrata Roxy, Litsaea salifilia Roxy.



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