Introduction: Sericulture is an important agro-based cottage industry which provides gainful employment to the rural section of the society. The success of the silkworm rearing depends on the quality of leaves, suitable environment factors and proper management practices. The rearing process is a multifarious activity and attention is needed to following aspects to attain maximum yield. Sericulture in East Khasi Hills District is having ample scope for the development because of the locational characteristics and climatic parameters of the district.



Silkworm varieties Variety of Fodders
Mulberry Cultivation Muga food plants Cultivation


Techniques of rearing the Muga
Techniques of rearing Mulberry
Health Care Measures

Miscellaneous Information 

Source: Directorate of Sericulture and Weaving (Shillong), District Sericulture Office(Madan Laban, Shillong), Manager of Govt. Sericultural Farm(Lawsohtun, Shillong), Central Silk Board(Bangalore)


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