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 Fishery - Paddy-cum-fish Culture  

1.  Preparation of paddy field

  • The paddy fields field may be prepared and ploughed for normal paddy cultivation.

  • A trench of 50-60 cm deep and 50-60 cm wide is made at the lower side of each paddy field. The length of the trench would be as per the length of the field.

2.  Paddy varieties

  • Paddy varieties recommended for different altitudes may be grown for such co-culture.

3.   Stocking of paddy fields with fishes

  • Common carp fingerlings with an average weight of 15-20 gms at a stocking density of 6,000 numbers/ha can be released in the paddy fields after 15 days of transplantation of the paddy seedlings.

4.   Manuring the paddy fields

  • Cowdung may be applied at the rate of 3 tonnes/ha/month after releasing the fingerlings in the paddy fields.

5.  Artificial feeding of fishes

  • Artificial feeding with a mixture of rice bran and mustard oil cake (1:1) is made twice daily at the rate of 4 percent of the total body weight of the fishes. The fishes are harvested from the paddy fields along with the harvesting of paddy.


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