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 Fishery - Cage Fish Culture  


Fabrication of cages- No particular size of the cages is strictly required for cage fish culture. However, for the sake of handling convenience, a size of 1m X 1m is recommended. Cane cages or bamboo cages of this size may be fabricated with a mesh of th of an inch for culturing the fingerlings. A door of 1 ft X 1 ft is kept on the top of each cage for releasing the fishes inside the cage and other cultural managements. The cane cages are economical and superior to others.

a) Floating of the cages in reservoir - The cages are floated in reservoir with the help of drums tied on two sides of the cage. The drums should be closed on both sides and should be tied with the cage is such away so that ⅓rd of the cage remains above the water

b) Stocking of the cages with fishes - Common carp fingerlings with an average weight of 25-30 gms may be stocked at the rate of 200 nos/m. The average growth of the individual at the individual fishes at the end of 12 months rearing is expected to be 150 gms.





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