Introduction: East Khasi Hills District has a great potential for fisheries. The rich natural condition of the area offers ample scope for the development of fresh water fisheries on large scale basis. Indigenous species like Chocolate Mashir, Garra, etc., can be cultivated at a large scale for commercial production. Ornamental fisheries is having immense potential for the area.  It will not only contribute to bring an array of the area’s indigenous fish fauna but also enable considerable commercialization activities. Gaint Danios, Zebra Danious, Puntius Picto, etc. are some of good examples for Ornamental fisheries. Moreover, experiments in many cases have shown that the other common carps cultivated in this district are found to be hardier than those coming from the plain areas.



Techniques and Methods of Fish Culture-



                                         Ornamental fishes



Miscellaneous Information - Name of Field Demonstrators, Distribution and Demonstration Centre etc..

Source: ICAR-Umiam, East Khasi Hills District Fisheries Office, Fish Dale, Shillong


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