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 Animal Husbandry - Diary Animals  


Introduction: Cattle rearing occupies a  unique position in the national economy of the country, which is predominantly dependant on agriculture. Considering the climatic and other conditions prevailing in Meghalaya, rearing of dairy animals is also having a great potential in the state, particularly in East Khasi Hills District, as milk consumption in the state is very less as compared to the National level.

Types of Milch animal : Cross-breed


1.   Foundation stock can be selected from pedigreed stock only.

2.   Selection of the site the site for establishing the farm should be a healthy one. Easy source of water, electricity, communication but far from residential areas and commercial areas, to prevent easy spread of communicable diseases.

3.   Cow-shed should be easy to clean, large enough for the animals to settle freely with good ventilation and should be construction in such manner to be easy for enlargement in future.

4.    The site for farm should be such that there is every possible way of easy outlet for sale of the produce of the farm. Selection of stock should be examined carefully before the start of the farm as the economy of the farm depends largely on this matter.

2.      Feed

Milch cows require a minimum of 40 kgs. of green fodder daily and during the dry season this can be replaced by a self made green fodder called silage. Hay may be given in winter (during the months of January-May). Along with the hay and stalk, salt and gur can be given for easy consumption of the animal. Concentrate feed can be computed as follows:



Wheat bran


Maize/Broken rice


Mustard oil cakes


Mineral mixture




3.     Feed for calf:

  1. Colostrum should be given for 1-4 days

  2. Whole milk should be given for 5-15 days

  3. From 16-28  days milk should be given along with little quantity of wheat bran till the 84th day.

Heifer comes to first heat at the age of 12-18 months

Gestation period is 9 months, 9 days or 279-281 days

When the cow is pregnant 60 days prior parturition milking should be stopped. There are many ways for preventing diseases, therefore, regular checking of any abnormality is important and any signs of disease are seen the owner should contact the veterinary authority for prompt treatment.

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